Tokotoko and EXP Farming for Ni no Kuni

Here is a quick guide to exp farming in Ni no Kuni by defeating Tokotokos. Tokotoko spawns in along Billy Goats Bluff (south) and drops 8.000 exp (excluding exp boosts). Occasionally you will find 2 in a mob netting 16.000+. I find this method much more enjoyable than the Tokocold farming mainly because of constantly being on the move and very limited loading screens / gates switches.

Grinding is a pain in the ass. So here are my efforts to make it as fast and painless as possible. Some of the top tips are obvious but I’m trying to shave as much time off the process as possible.

First you’ll need to be at a stage where you:
1. Have access Perdida

2. Have Vail spell (this video will help you if you don’t:

3. Have a party that can quickly deal with Tokotokos as they flee quite quickly (ideally one-hitting them – it’s painful to lose them…)

Here is the break down:

1. Aggressive AI.
Set all you AI to agressive. Remove “keep us healthy” etc. You need to to damage asap. I would also suggest “All Out Attack” at the beginning of each counter. There is nothing more frustraiting than

2. Teleport to Perdida
(top tip: once you select Teleport you can hit right on the d-pad to select Perdida)

3. Cast Vail
Vail means enemy’s wont see you will always get a sneak attack.

(top tip: again you can can just hit right on the d-pad jumping straight to Vail and actioning)

4. Travel the Path
You want run the whole way down Billy Goats Bluff right to the dead end.

(top tip: by my count, there are 11 spawned in monsters to eye ball – so count them off and check in the trees.)

(top tip: use the camera angle to check under the tree lines – vail on lasts so long and it’s annoying not knowing if you missed one. The goal is to lvl up as fast as possible.)

(top tip: once you see the 11 creature, over the last hill, hit teleport and start again. No need to hang around!)

5. Spotting the Tokotoko

When you first start it can be hard to distinguish the Tokotoko from the other familiars  Tokotoko’s can spawn in any encounter, but this is a really unproductive farming method. The best bet is to look out for tell tale signs that the beast is not a Tokotoko.

Here are some of the familiar you might question as Tokotokos:


Hyperboar ni no kuni

Can be hard to tell from behind. Best bet is to keep an eye out for the white snorts from his nose.




Hackrabbit ni no kuni

See if you can spot his waggling ears.





Claptrap ni no kuni

Very similar from some angles, try and spot the slit between his leaves (?).



Scrambled Eggroll:

Scrambled Eggroll ni no kuni

Same shape as Tokotoko, but with a trail of loo roll…





Tokotoko farming exp ni no kuni

Your prize.

You should find one per run (roughly!!). The most I’ve encountered has been 3 (24.000 exp), and the least is 0..


6. Don’t forget to re-cast Vail after a Tokotoko encounter
Again, its a simple thing but annoying if you scare one off because of carelessness.

Here is a youtube vid about the method but I thought I would go into more detail and flesh it out a little:

Happy Hunting!

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